Frequently Asked Questions

  1.   Can I pay my registration online?
       A. No. You cannot pay online. Please make your check/money order payable to: Triangle Officials and mail your payment to:  Triangle Officials, 2108 Lemon St, Tampa, FL 33606. Or send your payment via Zelle to Nolan Padgett @ (813) 789-6292. You will receive confirmation back when your registration and payment has been received.

  2.   What time does the camp start?
       A. You will receive communication approximately one week prior to each camp regarding: check-in time, start time and first day logistics.

  3.   What do I need to bring?
       A. You need to bring officiating gear that includes (black pants, black shorts, black & white officiating shirt and whistle.) You need bring pen and pad to take notes with. I would suggest you bring a flash drive, because fellow officials are often sharing and exchanging notes and information. 

  4.   What if I want to attend to the camp but can’t make each day or I’m going to be late on the first day?
       A. Make sure you contact Nolan Padgett (813) 789-6292 or Freddie Williams (786) 543-3430 in advance to discuss your situation.

  5.   Is there a host hotel?  Do I need to make my own hotel reservation?
       A. Yes, there is a host hotel. The host hotel for each camp is listed on the site under the “Host Hotels” link.  We have negotiated a reduced rate for officials that are attending either camp.  However, you will need to make your own reservation with the hotel.  When you contact the hotel you must inform them that you are attending the Twin Sun Officials Camp in order to received the reduced rate.
       B. You can choose the host hotel or any hotel you prefer. You are not required to stay at the host hotel.
       C. If you’re staying at the host hotels for the your hotel reservations must be made by the dates shown on the bottom of the Host Hotels page.